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DMV riding test
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Thread: DMV riding test

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    DMV riding test

    I got it scheduled here soon, i was wondering what the NV test has waiting for me. I am familiar with the cali test as i moved up from cali but never took the test. What should i be practicing?

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    Do you have an MSF card?
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    No msf I'll prob take the class in a few months I'm trying to finish up the bike and finish a few guns before I take the class.

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    Not meaning to jack your thread, but I heard that a person can take the driving/riding test on a can-am now? Is this true....LOL?

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    New to posting here, just started riding here in the metro, full time main transport rider. I took the MSF course at the charleston csn location 10 weeks ago. The initial course to receive the MSF card therefor bypassing all DMV test(if both MSF test are passed) for me was taken on motorcycles provided by the course which was I believe a handful of Honda 250 nighthawks. There was never an option of riding anything other than that for the course riding. The ERC (experienced riders course) allows you to, and expects you to, bring your own motorcycle to the 1 day class to complete the advanced riding techniques they offer. The ERC does not, however, after passing grant you anything the DMV recognizes. The MSF course is by far the best route to obtain you M rating on your liscense. If you have taken a similar course in Cali back in the day and haven't taken a refresher course, this is far worth the time and $100 spent. Plus you get discounts at all the major cycle gear stores in town as well as carter and ride now I believe? It's an easy weekend and you learn things that you will use everyday that you can't learn on YouTube ; )
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoCanItBeNow View Post
    Not meaning to jack your thread, but I heard that a person can take the driving/riding test on a can-am now? Is this true....LOL?
    Not to help you jack the thread, but yes, they have a Can-Am test riding test now (My Mom has the top of the line one and it's surprisingly awesome!) that is separate from the regular motorcycle riding test. At least, that's how they do it in Ohio.
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    Go to the NV DMV website. It has diagrams of the "course".
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    Quote Originally Posted by RVelte View Post
    . The ERC does not, however, after passing grant you anything the DMV recognizes.
    ok if this is true im going to be pissed, i signed up for the course through cycleschool.com whos site has the ERC as the "license waiver" so im hoping they honor it. Can anyone else confirm this post is accurate?

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    I just passed the normal MSF class and the instructor said the ERC will give you the same pass if you take their written test as well. 50 easy questions but it did compromise Friday night and Saturday afternoons "instruction."

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    i did the erc at charelston a lil while ago and it does waive all dmv nonsense i passed the course went to the dmv got a number, filled out form, paid, and bounced

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