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Thread: motorcycle safety course instead of dmv riding test???

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    motorcycle safety course instead of dmv riding test???

    why is it i see everyone taking a motorcycle safety course instead of doing the dmv driving test??? i understand and agree with the thoughts that everyone should take a safety course. but it seems no one here in vegas gets their license by taking the dmv test. im from iowa and not many people there took any safety courses except to get cheaper insurance..
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    I think its a combination of things as to why peeps go for the MSF over the DMV. People can take the MSF weather or not they have a bke, gain some good knowledge, dont have to deal with the lines and DMV BS, and of course get the insurance discount.
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    when i bought my first bike i had never ridden on the street before so passing the riding test at the dmv on my first sportbike would have been impossible. The msf course made it easier for me to get my license.

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    I just took it again because my insurance wouldn't give me a discount for the one I did 9 years ago. Most people though see it as a chance to get instruction not just take a test. I have to say it really brought out all the bad habits I had picked up since the last time I had taken the course.

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    Plus I hear the DMV test is more difficult then it needs to be and more stressful.

    If nothing else the MSF course teaches you basics that would take you a while if ever to learn. It teaches you what to do in emergency situations also. Plus its a cool enviroment...
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    its just a better deal over all. plus its kinda fun if your s new rider. you still have to take the dmv written. i also recomend the msf advanced rider coarce. still the same great discount but its better skills for people that already ride.
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    I completed both tests.. (Nevada DMV and MSF at CCSN).. I would highly recommend the MSF Course. The DMV test consists of low speed maneuvers such as swerves, u-turns and figure 8s. Nothing that would accurately measure your riding skills. The MSF Course consists of a few hours of in class instruction coupled with riding instruction. Great stuff for up and comers as well as seasoned riders looking to eliminate a few bad habits.

    MSF course : DMV
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    Takte the MSF course offered at Nellis, its much better than the ghetto atmosphere of the CCSN.

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    There is nothing wrong with the course at CCSN. Please do not post derogatory comments unless you have factual proof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vegaspimp
    Takte the MSF course offered at Nellis, its much better than the ghetto atmosphere of the CCSN.

    whats so ghetto about ccsn. i thought it was a good class.

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